How To Start Your Own Painting Business

Are you a house painter and have decided to set up independently? Congratulation!

This objective is achievable but requires method and certain knowledge. To help you in your installation, we present the main stages of creating this type of business in this article.

Find everything you need to know to create a successful house painting business: market research, legal status, business plan, search for financing. Focus on the essential elements that will allow you to carry out your professional project.

Do A Market Study Before Setting Up As A House Painter

The decision to open a house painting business is not taken on a whim. Only once you know your motivation can you look into the market research prerequisite for any business creation project.

This study will allow you to refine your project and choose the right commercial positioning by gathering as much information as possible on the sector and its players.

house painting situation

First, get an idea of the situation in the house painting sector by gathering the following information:

Continue your market research by refining your research on the geographical area you want to set up.

To Estimate The Size Of The Local Market, Look At The Following Economic Indicators:
Then study the companies in the sector:

Continue your market research by refining your research on the geographical area you want to set up.

Consider the importance of posted workers in the sector and the admittedly illegal but real competition from undeclared work or “black work”.

Also, estimate the market share held by your competitors and ask yourself if an original and differentiating positioning could enable you to acquire market share. One of the best ways to do this is to have a consultation with painter marketing boost.

Choose A Legal Form For Your Painting Business.

Creating a painting business without a diploma is impossible because this activity comes under the Chamber of Trades and Crafts.

Before setting up your account, you must, therefore:

  • Possess a painter’s diploma (CAP painter coating applicator, BP painting coating applicator, Bac pro-planning-finishing of the building/painting, BTS planning finish, etc.) or, failing that, at least three years experience justified by a VAE (Validation of Acquired Experience).
  • Take a pre-installation course with the Chamber of Trades and Crafts.

As far as the legal status of your house painting business is concerned, there are no restrictions.

You can become a self-employed house painter. It is even a status frequently chosen by people working alone for its flexibility and low rate of social charges.

If you are alone, you can also opt for a sole proprietorship (EI), a sole proprietorship with limited liability (EIRL), but also for a single-person limited liability company (EURL) or a single-person simplified joint-stock company (SASU).

People wishing to set up their house painting business with one or more partners and who wish to employ staff can have recourse to a limited liability company (SARL) or simplified joint stock company (SAS).

As you can see, there are many choices! Find out about the specificities of each legal form to choose the one that best corresponds to what you want for your business.

Indeed, the question of the choice of legal status should not be neglected because it will have important consequences: the company’s tax system (tax on the income of the manager or corporation tax), the social system of the manager (general social security system or the self-employed person’s system), whether or not there is liability limited to contributions.

Make A Painting Business Plan.

Being your boss by starting your painting business can be one of the most exciting – and demanding – adventures you can have. And while the steps can be hard work, the good news is that following them step by step (each listed below) ‘ll set your business on the path to success right from the start.

Putting together your house painter business plan is another important step in setting up your business.

Indeed, the business plan will serve you, on the one hand, to check that your company will be profitable and, on the other hand, to convince your bank to follow you in the adventure.

This document consists of two main parts: a financial forecast highlighting the potential profitability of the project and a written part used to present your professional project in detail.

There are solutions if you’ve never done one and don’t know where to start. You can, of course, delegate its implementation to a firm specializing in this type of task. You can also, and it is less expensive, use an online business plan software.

Create Your Brand Image.

When you start a new painting business, you must create a name for it. More than just catchy, your business name should be memorable enough to set you apart from your local competitors. Consider the following points:

  • What are the things that set you apart from others?
  • What elements will make people remember you?
  • What will make people recommend you?

Register Your Business

Although you don’t have to register a business name to offer your services using your name, once you’ve decided on a name for your painting business, it’s time to make a name for yourself. An official legal entity. Start by getting a tax identification number and opening a business bank account. In addition to helping you keep your personal and business finances separate, this business account will make things easier for you on the tax front.

Equip Yourself

The tools you need to start your painting business, besides basic tools like brushes, rollers, scrapers, and drop cloths, depend on the contracts you accept. Postpone the money you plan to invest in other equipment until you have accepted the projects that justify their purchase.

Also, resist the temptation to get cheap brushes and rollers designed for DIY consumers, not professionals. The quality flaws of these tools will become apparent when you achieve professional results and are forced to make costly and time-consuming touch-ups.

Finding Funding To Open A House Painting Business

As with any business creation, starting as a house painter requires a starting investment. However, the investments to be financed are limited: a vehicle, a few tools, and possibly a room to store the equipment.

Start by counting your funds; that is to say, your savings are immediately available. For example, you can use a bank loan to finance the vehicle. Take care to file a credit application with several establishments to obtain the most advantageous rate. Also, consider the aid intended for business creators and buyers, such as ACCRE.

Finally, alternative solutions are ae, such as the use of crowdfunding.…

Who Can Open A House Painting Business?

Therefore, it is necessary to be in a management capacity to be either an adult or a minor over 16 with parental authority or to be emancipated.

You also need:

  • Not be subject to a non-competition clause,
  • Do not carry out an activity compatible with that of a house painter (lawyer, notary, etc.).
  • In addition, you must not have been banned from managing a business by a judge.

Finally, to be able to create online and open a house painter business, it is necessary to:

  • Either to have a professional experience of more than three years in the field,
  • Either to have obtained a diploma in the field of paint.

If you have professional experience, you can validate your acquired professional experience by requesting the VAE; for more information, consult the government website.

However, if you do not have sufficient professional experience, in this case, you must obtain a painter’s diploma such as:

  • CAP painter coating applicator,
  • Professional baccalaureate in finishing the building, painting,
  • Professional license in the construction industry, business manager in painting, fitting out and finishing,
  • Higher technician certificate in development and finishing,

Choose The Legal Status To Create Your House Painter Business Online

You have two possibilities to create your business as a house painter, and you can carry out your activity as a sole proprietorship or operate your activity as a company.

Carry Out Your Activity As A House Painter In Your Name

If you are setting up your business alone, you can choose between the legal status of sole proprietorship or micro-enterprise.

It is preferable to choose another status because a building painter’s activity requires investments and expenses. Gold

  • The sole proprietorship does not allow the manager’s assets to be protected (no creation of assets by assignment).
  • The micro-enterprise does not allow operating expenses to be deducted from the taxable profit.

The EIRL (sole proprietorship with limited liability) is a status that allows, under certain conditions, to create an allocation heritage and to deduct operating expenses.

Exploit The Activity In Society.

You can choose between the EURL and the SASU if you create alone.

  • The EURL (a single-person company with limited liability) is a status that allows the manager to obtain the status of self-employed worker. The manager comes under the social security of the self-employed.
  • The SASU (one-person simplified joint-stock company). The manager has the status of employee assimilated. He depends on the general system for his social protection.

However, if you create your house painter business alone, in this case, you have the choice between the SARL and the SAS.

  • The LLC (limited liability company) has statutes pre-drafted by law. These statuses are, therefore, not very customizable. However, with this status, the spouse who works in the company without pay benefits from the status of collaborating spouse.
  • The SAS (simplified joint-stock company) has more flexible statutes; the SAS is interesting for creators who wish to open their capital.

Taxation Of House Painting Companies

The taxation of profits.

Profits are taxed in different ways depending on the legal status chosen:

  • Either income tax is applicable for sole proprietorships and one-person companies,
  • Either to the corporate tax possible for companies with several single-member companies and the EIRL on option.

For income tax, profits include the personal income tax return of the manager in the BIC category (industrial and commercial profits.

Whereas for corporation tax, profits are subject to the corporation tax rate. The manager receives remuneration from the company as a legal representative. This remuneration is included in his income statement in the category of salaries and wages.

The choice of taxation is to be indicated in the activity registration form.

The Vat Rates Are Applicable To House Painting Companies.

In addition, the reduced VAT rate of 5.5% applies to painting services following the installation of equipment (induced work), respecting the energy performance criteria provided for in art 18 bis of appendix 4 of the CGI.

The work must be invoiced within three months of the date of invoicing of the energy improvement work.…

The House Painter: An Artist On The Construction Site

How pleasant it is to transform a still dull and grey site into a truly colourful and welcoming place to live! Being a house painter has many advantages. Here are a few.

  1. A Central Role

Many building trades have a role invisible to the untrained eye, even if they are essential. The great thing about being a house painter is that everyone can see and appreciate what you’ve done. The house painter, therefore, has a central role on the construction site. Before and after its passage, the space changes completely. Only the painter can give so much life to the work, thus allowing the clientele to protect themselves.

  1. Varied Missions

Don’t be fooled by appearances. A house painter doesn’t just paint the walls, ceiling and floors. Its scope is much wider. He is often asked to take care of the installation of parquet, vinyl or even wallpaper. It can thus take care of a large part of the decorative aspect of a building site.

  1. A Heterogeneous Clientele

Another advantage of being a house painter: you meet many people from all walks of life. Different types of customers call upon House painters. Working for museums, companies, individuals, or even historical sites allows you to meet many people and evolve in different environments.

  1. A Sought-After Know-How

Despite their number and advantages, the building trades currently suffer from a labour shortage. House painters are especially in demand these days. It is no small advantage! By becoming a house painter, one finds work everywhere relatively easily.

  1. Short Studies

You are considering a short course if you are not thriving in school. You can become a house painter with a simple CAP, generally carried out over two years. If you want to perfect your art before starting your career, you can complete a Mention Complémentaire (MC) for one year.

  1. A Good Salary

Contrary to many people, a house painter makes a pretty good living! He receives between 3000 and 4400 € in gross salary per month. That is a strong argument.

  1. Impossible To Get Bored!

New customers, new sites, new materials, new techniques. You learn something every day when you are a house painter. Impossible to get bored in these conditions!

  1. A Job That Offers Plenty Of Freedom

Once again, remember that the house painter does not just paint the walls! It takes care of a large part of the aesthetic aspect of a building site. After a few years, you can specify your career by specializing in decoration or renovation, for example. The possibilities are many.

  1. True Satisfaction

Many people don’t thrive in their work because they never feel they’ve accomplished anything. When painting or decorating a living space, the result is immediately visible. Believe us, and this changes everything.

  1. Be Able To Work Indoors And Outdoors

People who work in an office feel confined. Those who work outdoors have to endure weather variations. By working indoors and outdoors, the house painter always sees the bright side of every situation!

  1. The Ability To Move

Building painters are in high demand throughout France, and many construction sites exist. It’s one of the few jobs you can afford to move when you feel it!…

Succeed In The Advertisement For A House Painter

Visual Communication Media: To Make Yourself Known

Word of mouth, indeed, is one of the oldest methods of advertising. Word of mouth is effective, but it is no longer enough. The production and distribution of visual communication support is an effective approach to advertising a building company.

Considered to be the marketing tool par excellence, visual communication media come in several varieties:

  • Flyers,
  • Business cards,
  • Commercial brochures,
  • The brochures,
  • Posters, etc.

These visual aids are practical because they can be easily distributed in mailboxes, dropped off at a merchant, grocery store or even on a butcher’s counter. Indeed, this technique consists of covering the entire vehicle with stickers. Advertising branding, covering, lettering, semi-covering, and vehicle decoration.are all common strategies for this means of communication.

Site creation and successful advertising of a building company

In a few years, the Internet has become an essential communication medium for finding a building site. To successfully advertise a house painter, you must create your showcase site.

Why Give Such Importance To Its Visibility On The Internet?

In most cases, potential customers search for service providers on the Internet. To do this, they use a laptop or desktop computer, a smartphone or a tablet. Still, directories and catalogues aren’t as popular as they used to be.

A website will present itself, above all, as being the showcase of your company. Even if you are a self-employed entrepreneur, you need an attractive website that reflects your image to succeed in your advertising.

House Painter: Use Social Networks

To advertise a house painter on social media, register on the most popular platforms. To do this, Facebook finds itself at the top of the list, with more than 30 million users to its credit. Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter also have multiple advantages.

Also, remember to register on professional social networks. These platforms are very useful for replenishing your address book. Among the best-known professional social networks are Viadeo and LinkedIn.

All house painters know it well: settling in a room or creating a business is insufficient to bring in customers. Investing in an advertisement for an effective house painter is also necessary.

Market Research

This study consists of analyzing supply and demand in your sector.

Market research allows you to:

  • Know the players (competitors, suppliers, prescribers, etc.);
  • Know the target customers, as well as their behaviour (frequency, budget, expectation, etc.);
  • Design an offer that meets the expectations of target customers;
  • Identify the economic potential by segment.

Market Research For A House Painter Business

To open a house painting business, carrying out a market study is interesting. This study will use its network (consumer, competitor, supplier) and its experience to identify typical customers and their expectations and needs.

The market study will make it possible to propose an offer most adapted to the target customers’ needs (top of the range, inexpensive, speed of service, type of service, etc.).

Studying Your Market Allows You To:

  • To precisely identify the customer’s need,
  • To establish the value proposition,
  • To design the offer,
  • To establish the business model,
  • To develop the strategy

Differentiate Yourself With The Market Study Of A House Painting Company

Development Of The Value Proposition

The value proposition is written in one or two synthetic sentences and must answer the following three questions:

  • What problem do you want to solve?
  • What features and functionality make your offer unique and different from competitors?
  • What concrete and measurable benefits do your customers enjoy?

Competition Assessment

Before settling in, it is important to assess the competition to offer a coherent offer about the market.

This assessment consists of knowing the following:

  • The price of competitors,
  • Their positioning and their brand image,
  • customer segments,
  • Their value proposition
  • Their communication and sales strategy,
  • The elements that differentiate your offer from that of competitors.

Usefulness Of The Market Study Of A House Painting Company

Market research for your house painter business will help determine your range of services and products.

Determination Of The Product/Service Range

Studying the market for a house painter business helps to determine the product/service line.

The range of products/services consists of designing the different services you will offer and identifying the products you will use.

Your Offer Should Focus On The Following Points:

  • The problem you want to solve,
  • The characteristics and functionalities that make your service offer different and unique,
  • The benefits that will benefit your customers.

Know the factors ensuring the profitability of the activity

To know the profitability factors of your business, you need to identify the strengths of your activity.

The profession of house painter is a contact profession.

The Business Model Is Based On The Following:

  • customer relationship,
  • The care given to the service (cleanliness),
  • The quality of the service (speed of construction sites, response to customer needs, advice, etc.),
  • The quality of management of teams, stock, construction sites, etc.