Who Can Open A House Painting Business?

Therefore, it is necessary to be in a management capacity to be either an adult or a minor over 16 with parental authority or to be emancipated.

You also need:

  • Not be subject to a non-competition clause,
  • Do not carry out an activity compatible with that of a house painter (lawyer, notary, etc.).
  • In addition, you must not have been banned from managing a business by a judge.

Finally, to be able to create online and open a house painter business, it is necessary to:

  • Either to have a professional experience of more than three years in the field,
  • Either to have obtained a diploma in the field of paint.

If you have professional experience, you can validate your acquired professional experience by requesting the VAE; for more information, consult the government website.

However, if you do not have sufficient professional experience, in this case, you must obtain a painter’s diploma such as:

  • CAP painter coating applicator,
  • Professional baccalaureate in finishing the building, painting,
  • Professional license in the construction industry, business manager in painting, fitting out and finishing,
  • Higher technician certificate in development and finishing,

Choose The Legal Status To Create Your House Painter Business Online

You have two possibilities to create your business as a house painter, and you can carry out your activity as a sole proprietorship or operate your activity as a company.

Carry Out Your Activity As A House Painter In Your Name

If you are setting up your business alone, you can choose between the legal status of sole proprietorship or micro-enterprise.

It is preferable to choose another status because a building painter’s activity requires investments and expenses. Gold

  • The sole proprietorship does not allow the manager’s assets to be protected (no creation of assets by assignment).
  • The micro-enterprise does not allow operating expenses to be deducted from the taxable profit.

The EIRL (sole proprietorship with limited liability) is a status that allows, under certain conditions, to create an allocation heritage and to deduct operating expenses.

Exploit The Activity In Society.

You can choose between the EURL and the SASU if you create alone.

  • The EURL (a single-person company with limited liability) is a status that allows the manager to obtain the status of self-employed worker. The manager comes under the social security of the self-employed.
  • The SASU (one-person simplified joint-stock company). The manager has the status of employee assimilated. He depends on the general system for his social protection.

However, if you create your house painter business alone, in this case, you have the choice between the SARL and the SAS.

  • The LLC (limited liability company) has statutes pre-drafted by law. These statuses are, therefore, not very customizable. However, with this status, the spouse who works in the company without pay benefits from the status of collaborating spouse.
  • The SAS (simplified joint-stock company) has more flexible statutes; the SAS is interesting for creators who wish to open their capital.

Taxation Of House Painting Companies

The taxation of profits.

Profits are taxed in different ways depending on the legal status chosen:

  • Either income tax is applicable for sole proprietorships and one-person companies,
  • Either to the corporate tax possible for companies with several single-member companies and the EIRL on option.

For income tax, profits include the personal income tax return of the manager in the BIC category (industrial and commercial profits.

Whereas for corporation tax, profits are subject to the corporation tax rate. The manager receives remuneration from the company as a legal representative. This remuneration is included in his income statement in the category of salaries and wages.

The choice of taxation is to be indicated in the activity registration form.

The Vat Rates Are Applicable To House Painting Companies.

In addition, the reduced VAT rate of 5.5% applies to painting services following the installation of equipment (induced work), respecting the energy performance criteria provided for in art 18 bis of appendix 4 of the CGI.

The work must be invoiced within three months of the date of invoicing of the energy improvement work.