The House Painter: An Artist On The Construction Site

How pleasant it is to transform a still dull and grey site into a truly colourful and welcoming place to live! Being a house painter has many advantages. Here are a few.

  1. A Central Role

Many building trades have a role invisible to the untrained eye, even if they are essential. The great thing about being a house painter is that everyone can see and appreciate what you’ve done. The house painter, therefore, has a central role on the construction site. Before and after its passage, the space changes completely. Only the painter can give so much life to the work, thus allowing the clientele to protect themselves.

  1. Varied Missions

Don’t be fooled by appearances. A house painter doesn’t just paint the walls, ceiling and floors. Its scope is much wider. He is often asked to take care of the installation of parquet, vinyl or even wallpaper. It can thus take care of a large part of the decorative aspect of a building site.

  1. A Heterogeneous Clientele

Another advantage of being a house painter: you meet many people from all walks of life. Different types of customers call upon House painters. Working for museums, companies, individuals, or even historical sites allows you to meet many people and evolve in different environments.

  1. A Sought-After Know-How

Despite their number and advantages, the building trades currently suffer from a labour shortage. House painters are especially in demand these days. It is no small advantage! By becoming a house painter, one finds work everywhere relatively easily.

  1. Short Studies

You are considering a short course if you are not thriving in school. You can become a house painter with a simple CAP, generally carried out over two years. If you want to perfect your art before starting your career, you can complete a Mention Complémentaire (MC) for one year.

  1. A Good Salary

Contrary to many people, a house painter makes a pretty good living! He receives between 3000 and 4400 € in gross salary per month. That is a strong argument.

  1. Impossible To Get Bored!

New customers, new sites, new materials, new techniques. You learn something every day when you are a house painter. Impossible to get bored in these conditions!

  1. A Job That Offers Plenty Of Freedom

Once again, remember that the house painter does not just paint the walls! It takes care of a large part of the aesthetic aspect of a building site. After a few years, you can specify your career by specializing in decoration or renovation, for example. The possibilities are many.

  1. True Satisfaction

Many people don’t thrive in their work because they never feel they’ve accomplished anything. When painting or decorating a living space, the result is immediately visible. Believe us, and this changes everything.

  1. Be Able To Work Indoors And Outdoors

People who work in an office feel confined. Those who work outdoors have to endure weather variations. By working indoors and outdoors, the house painter always sees the bright side of every situation!

  1. The Ability To Move

Building painters are in high demand throughout France, and many construction sites exist. It’s one of the few jobs you can afford to move when you feel it!